Dawn painting

About Dawn Matthews

Internationally-acclaimed printmaker, painter and educationalist.

Dawn studied Art and Design at Bournemouth College of Art and Newcastle Upon Tyne University in England. Graduated with BA (Hons) in 1976. Gained a postgraduate teaching diploma in 1977.

Dawn has always combined her careers of dyslexia teaching (and writing of courses, manuals books etc.) with her painting and printmaking.

In 1979 she studied screen-printing and moved to Dumfries Scotland where she set up her own printmaking studio.

Her work was regularly published by London Contemporary Arts and Regatta of London and she produced over 50 different editions of hand separated, hand printed original screen prints during the next 14 years.

She set up a second studio in Perugia Italy in 1989.

All the images are created from Dawns own drawings and reflect the landscaped that she lived in of, Galloway, West Scotland, Umbria, Italy and Perth Australia.

Dawn now lives mainly by the coasts of Perth Australia, and Phuket, Thailand, although she still has a small studio in Scotland.

Much of her time is taken up with writing books and teaching courses to aid in teaching children and adults with dyslexia, dyspraxia and other learning differences.

She now also works in a variety of print and paint media and her designs are now all original and one offs. Many are monotype prints of different media.


All the screen prints began life as a detailed, monochrome pencil drawing. Colour, depth, atmosphere and much of the detail were introduced at the proofing stage. Most were carried out as pairs and each pair of screen prints took two or three months to finalise and then a further few weeks to print each colour of each print by hand. The inks used in these days were very toxic and although, she had massive extractor fans the toxins eventually made her very ill and she was given over 40 intravenous chelations to help rid her body of toxins, especially lead. For this reason she cannot work with similar inks again or mass-produce work like this.

Each screen print is produced by overprinting between 8 and 25 semi transparent or translucent colours. This means that the images are not copies but originals. Because they are hand printed and many of the colours are printed on as blends each print is slightly different from the others.

Each print is numbered, named and signed by Dawn. Edition sizes vary from 50 – 300 depending on the markets they were aimed at. The larger editions sold all over the world.

Her work is included in both private and public galleries world wide, including:
Amoco Oil Company, Kidder Peabody, Chemical bank, Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Midland Marine Bank, Sears, London, Royal Exchange London, Dumfries Royal Infirmary, Alexander Unit, Dumfries, P and O Ferries.

Her work has been exhibited world wide, including, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Middlesborough, Darlington and London in the UK, Dumfries, Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland. Also New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aries, Munich, Sydney, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpa, and Amsterdam.