Dawn Matthews is an internationally-acclaimed artist, printmaker and educationalist. Please view the galleries below and contact us with the image code and title if you are interested in purchasing any of the work.

Original screen prints

Each screenprint is individually hand printed by the artist in 15 – 25 colours. Each colour is translucent and the image is built up slowly by hand separating the colours.

These images are not copies of painting or drawings they are originals. Each edition of screenprints is painstakingly worked out colour by colour from a sketch. No original colour image exists. The prints themselves are the originals. Due to the nature of the process and because they are hand printed each print is slightly different from the others.

Each is printed and top quality, hand made, acid free paper made from cloth and neither the image nor the paper will fade or turn brown or grey. The colour should last forever.

Each print is numbered and signed by the Dawn.

These screenprints were printed in Dawn’s studio in Scotland. The drawings from which the images were created were carried out all over the world.


These are one offs and carried out using a printing technique. Each is signed and each is produced on hand made acid free cloth paper. They will not fade or tarnish.
There are a number of ways in which a monotype image can be created and dawn loves to experiment with these techniques.

Monotypes - silkscreen

Many of the monotypes were carries out on a silk screen. The colours were added individually and over printed one on top the other. Each is an original and many were carried in as a series.

Monotypes – steel plates

These images were created individually using steel plates and rollers. Ink was applied and then cleaned and rubbed in places to create the tone and shapes.

Monotypes –painting

These began life as a painting on a glass plate. The paper was then pressed onto the plate and removed carefully to create the original image which was then over painted to add clarity and focus.

**Please note that colours may change slightly from computer to computer and therefore may not be exactly as seen on the website.**